The Importance of TV

Guests judge their stay by what’s available on TV! The TV provides company night and day as they work, relax and multi-task on personal devices.

Easy Viewing is a Must!

Guests appreciate easy viewing. They don’t want to fuss with the remote. Few have time for VOD which can always be sourced on personal devices.

Meeting Expectations

Guests want to switch on at any time and see a good selection of top-quality programmes. 1 or 2 movie channels are not enough. News is repetitive. Filler channels are boring.

Vision Four Delivers!

Our channels feature the latest blockbusters, lifestyle specials and documentaries packed with engaging content. We are not affected by bad weather. We meet all guest expectations and all hotel brand standards.

Peace of Mind!

Illegal downloads offered by some IPTV providers put the hotel at serious legal risk. There are no such worries with Vision Four. All copyrights are paid. All censorship approvals were obtained.

This Is Where Vision Four Comes In!

Up to 8 channels of blockbuster movies, lifestyle specials and documentaries run 24 hours a day. Only the best quality content. All were chosen with a hotel audience in mind.

Latest Releases

Movies are shown within months of their release. Using our strength as a network, we negotiate the best programme deals.

Fabulous Variety

Hollywood blockbusters and award-winning lifestyle and documentary programmes from BBC, Discovery, National Geographic and others, plus cartoon channels.

Save Hundreds of Thousands!

You only pay a small monthly admin fee. You save hundreds of thousands of ringgit over the contract period.

We Match Your Needs

Our comprehensive selections meet all English language movie, lifestyle and documentary requirements. The more channels you subscribe to, the more you save.

Advertising is Non-Intrusive

Vision Four is designed for ambient viewing while guests work, relax and multi-task at odd hours. Advertising is limited and non-intrusive.

Technical Support

We provide a 24-hour hotline for technical support. Transmissions are not affected by bad weather. Your guests enjoy uninterrupted screening 24 hours a day up to 8 channels.


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